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1st BORA CUP Season, First Round

Finally, BORA CUP first round begins!

We are very excited to announce the first round of BORA CUP Season 1!

Please check below for detailed information.

■ First Round Schedule

- March 28, 00:00:00 ~ April 2, 23:59:00 (UTC +0)

■ Main Rules 

- BORA CUP are special time-limited competitions in which top players can earn tBORA.

- Important : You must connect your MetaMask, Kaikas or Face Wallet to BIRDIE SHOT in order to receive BORA CUP rewards. 

- BORA CUP are 1:1 matches. Matchmaking is based on the amount of victory points you have acquired.

- You use a team of your own characters to play BORA CUP matches.

- Up to 4 matches a day are free to play. You can play additional matches by spending Balls.

- Number of BORA CUP matches per day will be reduced to 50 times (excluding free matches).

- The number of Balls required to play BORA CUP will keep going up rather than stop at 10 Balls per match 

   (2 more Balls are added to the entrance cost every 2 matches).

1~2 Plays : 1 Ball

3~4 plays : 3 Balls ...

*  This amount is reset at 00:00 UTC+0 every day.

■ Prize Pool

- 75,000 tBORA in total

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