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[Important Announcement] End of official support - KAIKAS

Hello everyone!

BORA PORTAL will officially stop supporting KAIKAS after maintenance on April 19. 

Therefore, we recommend KAIKAS users to extract your private keys and move them to metamask. 

For more information on the end of support for Kaikas, please check the announcement below.

 - Link : https://www.boraportal.com/notice/detail/176

Please check the link below for a guide on how to extract your KAIKAS private key and import it into Metamask. 

 - PC : https://static.boraportal.com/documents/Kaikas_to_MetaMask_Guide_0920.pdf

 - MOBILE : https://static.boraportal.com/documents/KaikasMobile_to_MetaMask_Guide_0921.pdf

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