2023 February Developers' Note #3 | BIRDIE SHOT : Enjoy & Earn
BIRDIE SHOT : Enjoy & Earn Notice
2023 February Developers' Note #3

Hello golfers, this is BIRDIE SHOT’s development team.

Today’s Developers’ Note will cover upcoming miscellaneous changes that were not mentioned in the previous two Notes.

Please read on to find out what these changes will be.

■ Removal of tBORA Shop

- Currently, purchasing Gems requires players to overcome many hurdles such as connecting a wallet and exchanging BORA for tBORA. With the Google Play release, we intend to remove these hurdles by introducing the new currency ‘Cash’, which can be easily bought like any other in-app-purchases on the Google Play market.

- Gems will no longer be purchasable with tBORA. Instead, they can only be obtained as in-game rewards or through bundle items.

■ Changes to CC Membership NFT Rewards

- CC Membership NFT holders will be rewarded a fraction of Near-pin Mode, Masters Mode, Event Cups and Extreme Mode green fee Gold, depending on the amount of Balls consumed in these modes. In addition, a portion of Masters Mode base prize pools will also be distributed to holders.

- To celebrate the Google Play launch, CC Membership NFT holders will be rewarded Gold every day for a certain amount of time after the Google Play launch. (You must log in to the game at least once every UTC+0 day to receive these rewards)

- The above reward will be sent to each holder’s in-game mailbox. Please look forward to an additional announcement for more details.

■ Daily Quest Removal

- The Daily Quest system and the free Balls it provides will be removed. Instead, the Near-pin Mode and Masters Mode will provide a number of free attempts every day (please check the 2023 February Developers’ Note Part 1 for details on these two new game modes).

■ Extreme Mode Changes

- The two new game modes will provide alternative ways to earn Gold while requiring less people to be matched at the same time. Therefore, Extreme Mode will no longer be the main source of Gold for most players.

- Extreme Mode will require 5 or 10 Balls to play. Unlike Near-pin Mode and Masters Mode, Extreme Mode will not provide free daily attempts.

■ New Character

- A non-NFT Legend grade character (“Goblin Con”) will be added to the game.

- Goblin Con Pieces can only be obtained by opening Lucky Boxes, not by pulling Character Gacha.

- You can exchange 20 Goblin Con Pieces for a 1-star [Legend] Goblin Con character.

- The number of Pieces required to upgrade Goblin Con is the same as the number of Pieces required to upgrade Epic grade characters (30, 40, 50, 80, 100 Pieces)

This is the final Developers’ Note for February but we are continuously listening to your feedback and working to make BIRDIE SHOT an enjoyable experience. Please look forward to the new contents and thank you for your continuous support!

Thank you for your continuous support!

* Update details may change during the course of development.

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