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BIRDIE SHOT : Enjoy & Earn Notice
Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance for BIRDIE SHOT is scheduled between April 24 2023, 2:00 and 6:00 (UTC+0) for content change.

We apologize for the inconvenience in using the game,

due to the maintenance.

Please check below for more details, so you

do not experience any difficulties in using the game.

 Maintenance Schedule 

- 2023 April 24 (Mon), 2:00 ~ 6:00 (UTC+0)

■ Maintenance Contents

- New game mode : Championship 

ㄴ This is a weekly mode unlocked by reaching Tier 3 on World Tour where players can obtain various rewards such as EXP Drinks and Gems by playing 3 consecutive holes. Please check the updated White Paper after the update is complete for more details.

- Achievements system 

- Near-pin Mode prize distribution rule changes (Removal of hole-in-one ranking)

ㄴ Hole-in-One Rewards were originally designed so that the prize pool would keep growing across many seasons, which would be occasionally rewarded to the lucky players who managed to hole-in-one. However, the number of Hole-in-Ones on each season were far larger than our initial expectation, resulting in a large amount of Gold being rewarded every season. Since this negatively affects the game’s economy by causing a massive Gold inflation, we decided to remove the hole-in-one ranking system).

We are currently considering a different way to make the experience of achieving Hole-in-Ones as exciting and rewarding as it deserves to be. Please look forward to this!

- Near-pin Mode Ball cost changes

 ㄴ 2 Balls -> 5 Balls

- Masters Mode Ball cost and maximum participation limit changes

ㄴ After the 4 free matches, the number of Balls required to play BORA CUP keeps increasing by 3 every match, and is capped at a maximum cost of 60 Balls per match.

The number of matches that can be played each day is reduced from 50 matches to 30 matches. 

- New Boost Items for Masters Mode / Event Cup 

ㄴ Players will be able to spend Gold to gain a slight buff to their team’s stats when entering Masters / Event Cup Mode

- New Bundle Items in the Shop

- Lucky Box item chance changes

ㄴ The odds of obtaining Goblin Con Pieces from purple has been greatly increased in order to make spending Gold on Lucky Boxes a more rewarding experience


- Maintenance time is subject to change under unexpected circumstances.

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