Event Cup Prize Distribution
Prize distribution of each Event Cup will be updated below:Pre-Open Cup (Nov. 15 ~ Nov. 21, 2022) – total of 35,000 tBORATo be announced later:1st BORA Cup (December 2022) – total of 300,000 tBORA2nd BORA Cup (January 2023) – total of 900,000 tBORA3rd BORA Cup (February 2023) – total of 1,800,000 tBORA
I would like to know how to connect my wallet and Birdie Shot.
- First download and install either Metamask or Kaikas. - Then, create a wallet in either app.- Log in to Birdie Shot.- Click the Exchange button on the menu or Pre-Open Cup button at bottom right of the lobby screen.- Then, tap on the ‘Connect’ button. You will be moved to the BORA PORTAL site. - Follow the steps shown below. - Once you go through the whole process, you will reach this point. Click ‘Add Token’ to add tBORA to your wallet.    tBORA will be connected to your wallet.
What are Event Cups?
[What Are Event Cups?]Event Cups are time-limited competitions in which top players are rewarded special prizes.The duration of each Event Cup may vary, so make sure to check the official announcements for the exact event schedule if you intend to participate!In Event Cups, players engage in 1 vs 1 matches against each other to earn more victory points than their rivals.Event Cup matches are 1 vs 1, just like World Tour mode.Matches are conducted in a similar fashion to World Tour matches.(i.e.
I can’t install BIRDIE SHOT apk.
If you can't install the game, please refer to the guide below and activate 'Install unknown apps’!1) Android Settings > Biometrics and Security2) Tap on ‘Install unknown apps‘3) Enable MY Files or Browser app that was used to download BIRDIE SHOT and then click the downloaded apk again to install. (ex. Chorme)※ The settings menu may look different depending on your device and operating system
What is the minimum specifications to run 'Birdie Shot'?
To enjoy Birdie Shot, you need a device with more than 3GB of RAM.It may be difficult run Birdie Shot in devices with specs lower than the minimum specification.■ Minimum Specifications for OS- Android (AOS): Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and higher.- Android Ver: 5.0 and higher.- RAM : 3GB