2023 February Developers' Note #2 | BIRDIE SHOT : Enjoy & Earn
BIRDIE SHOT : Enjoy & Earn Notice
2023 February Developers' Note #2

Hello golfers, this is BIRDIE SHOT’s development team.

In addition to the two new game modes mentioned in the previous Developers’ Note, 

the next update will change BIRDIE SHOT’s in-game economy in multiple ways.

Please read on to find out what these changes will be.

■ Lucky Box

- You can purchase Lucky Boxes by spending Gold or Lucky Box Tickets.

- Lucky Box Tickets can be acquired by buying certain Item Bundles from the Shop or by participating in future in-game events.

- By opening a Lucky Box, you can receive items such as Mileage Points, Fan Medals, Item Gacha Tickets, EXP Drinks and Gold based on luck.

- You may be offered to purchase a higher-grade Lucky Box when you open a regular Lucky Box. If you are lucky, you might find better prizes from these higher-grade Lucky Boxes such as Select Epic Character Piece Boxes.

- Lucky Boxes can be accessed from the Gacha menu.

■ Lucky Scratch

- Lucky Scratch Tickets can be obtained from Lucky Boxes and in-game events.

- When you use a Lucky Scratch Ticket, 3 images are revealed. You can receive a set amount of Gold depending on the images revealed.

■ New in-game currency

- A new in-game currency, called “Cash”, will be added to the game’s Shop.

- “Cash” can be obtained through in-app purchases.

- Character Gacha will no longer use Gems, but will use “Cash” instead.

- “Cash” can also be used instead of Gold to purchase Balls.

■ Use of Gems

- Gems are no longer the main currency used for Character Gacha. However, you can purchase a set amount of Character Gacha Tickets each day from the Shop by spending Gems.

■ Gold and Fan Medal cost changes

 - The Gold and Fan Medal cost of upgrading characters and equipment, purchasing items from the Shop, and doing Item Gacha will be adjusted to reflect the change in Gold value since  BIRDIE SHOT’s launch.

■ Item Bundles

- Item Bundles will be available as in-app purchases.

- Bundles will contain a variety of items at a discounted price.

- Each Bundle can only be purchased a set amount of times per account.

- Item Bundles offered may be added and removed in future updates.

These changes, combined with the new game modes, aim to improve the health of BIRDIE SHOT’s economy and provide a better gaming experience for dedicated players.

The next part of the 2023 February Developers’ Note will address miscellaneous changes that were not mentioned in the first two parts, including plans that affect CC Membership rewards.

Thank you for your continuous support!

* Update details may change during the course of development.

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