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In-Game FAQs
How to log in?
What is the Team?
How do I get new characters?
What is Sponsor?
What are the Modes?
How does opponent matching work?
What happens when me and opponent get the same score?
What are the in-game currencies?
I want to upgrade my characters
I want to know about 'Summon'
What is 'Tour Points'?
What is the character rank?
What is 'Mail Box'?
I want to do Tutorial again
I want to know about Items (Equipment).
What is 'Collection'?
How can I check 'Attendance'?
What is my Ranking?
I would like to visit the official community.
What is the Roulette System?
What is 'User Profile'?
What is 'Career'?
What is 'Mission'?
Team Switch
Spin Indicator
What is Drone View?
What are 'Skills'?
What is 'Character Grade/Rarity'?
What is 'Mileage'?
What can you do in 'Screen Golf'?
How is the Turn decided?
What are Event Cups?
Event Cup Prize Distribution