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What are Event Cups?

[What Are Event Cups?]

Event Cups are time-limited competitions in which top players are rewarded special prizes.

The duration of each Event Cup may vary, so make sure to check the official announcements for the exact event schedule if you intend to participate!

In Event Cups, players engage in 1 vs 1 matches against each other to earn more victory points than their rivals.

Event Cup matches are 1 vs 1, just like World Tour mode.

Matches are conducted in a similar fashion to World Tour matches.

(i.e. Players take turns each swing. A near-pin battle breaks ties.)

Each player must use a team of their own 8 characters.

Each player must use a team composed of their own 8 characters.

Level up, upgrade, attach items and skills to your characters for a higher chance of winning!

[How Do I Participate?]

1. Play World Tour until you reach Tier 4.

You must reach Tier 4 in World Tour to participate in Event Cups.

2. Tap on the Event Cup button that appears on the main lobby when an event is ongoing to access the Event Cup screen.

You can access the Event Cup screen through this button.

3. Check the match schedule below to make sure that Event Cup matches are open, then tap on the ‘Game Start’ button to look for a match.

Pressing this button lets you find an Event Cup match.

* You must connect a wallet address to the game in order to participate in an Event Cup.


[Match Schedule]

Matches are open during the following times during each day of the event (UTC +0):

Open Times

00:00 ~ 01:00

04:00 ~ 05:00

08:00 ~ 09:00

12:00 ~ 13:00

16:00 ~ 17:00

20:00 ~ 21:00

Each player can participate freely during any of the above times up to a total of 12 matches a day.

(Participation count resets at 00:00 UTC+0 and unused counts do not carry over to the next day.)


You can also check the Event Cup’s current status on the main lobby’s button as shown below:

                                       Open                                                                                              Closed

* Opening times may change if maintenances are scheduled for that day. 

   Please check the official announcements to avoid confusion.



Matchmaking is based on the amount of victory points you currently have.

The range of opponents that can be matched keeps increasing if no matches around your 

current victory points are found for a certain amount of time, but you will be rewarded extra 

victory points if you manage to win a match against an opponent who has many more points than you have.

(You will however lose more points if a player with many points less than you defeats you.)



Rankings are shown on the left side of the Event Cup screen.

Players are ranked based on the amount of victory points they have accumulated.

Ties are broken by other factors such as the number of Event matches they have played and how fast they achieved their rank.

* Users with abnormal game logs (due to hacks, system abuses, etc.) will be excluded from the winners list and will not be able to receive any prizes.

[Event Cup Holes] 

Event Cup matches are played on holes randomly picked from the CC below:

<Pre-open Cup>

Odd numbered days - 9 holes from Seongsan CC, Low Difficulty 

Even numbered days - 9 holes from Kanagawa CC, Low Difficulty

1st BORA Cup, 2nd BORA Cup, 3rd BORA Cup holes will be announced later.

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