2024.07.11 MAINTENANCE UPDATE | eversoul
eversoul Notice

Your story with the everlasting Souls!

This is Operator One - Mephistopheles, reporting in.

Eversoul will have a Maintenance Update on July 11 (Thu).

Please note the following maintenance content below.

Details of the update can be found on the [Update] bulletin board.

◈ Maintenance Schedule

- July 11 (Thu) 08:50 ~ 11:00 (UTC+9)

※ On this update, you can download the updated content 30 minutes before the maintenance is finished.

Please download the content before the maintenance ends.

◈ Details

- World Raid: Lighthouse Keeper

- Eden's Got Talent S2

- Fixes & Improvements

▶ For more details, please check [2024.07.11 UPDATE NOTICE (PREVIEW)] Notice : https://kakaogames.oqupie.com/portals/2470/customer-news/5276

※ You cannot access or use Eversoul during the maintenance period.

※ Maintenance may end early or be extended depending on the progress.

※ If the maintenance schedule changes, we will inform you through additional notice.

We will always do our best to make Eversoul a pleasant environment.

Thank you.

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