2024.07.05 RECOMMENDED UPDATE (iOS) | eversoul
eversoul Notice

Your story with the everlasting Souls!    

This is Operator One - Mephistopheles, reporting in.    


We would like to inform you that a recommended update (iOS) for    

fixing some issues that occurred after the update had been processed.    


Please note that the update is processed without maintenance.    

Please check below for further details.    


◈ Update Schedule    

- July 5, 2024 (Fri) 17:05 UTC+9    


◈ Update Details    

ㅇ Fixed an issue in Erika's Alchemy Summon where the game occasionally cannot be played properly    


※ The update is processed without maintenance.    

Please update Eversoul via Apple Store to apply the data appropriately.    


- Recommended Update Date: July 5, 2024 (Fri) 17:05 UTC+9    

ㄴ You can play Eversoul without the recommended update.    


◈ Link to Eversoul Store    



We will always do our best to make Eversoul in a pleasant environment.    

Thank you.    

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