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Greetings, Saviors.This is Kim Choel Hui, the chief director of Eversoul.A lot of Saviors joined the last festival in Korea. I truly appreciate your passions.It was a meaningful time. We will do our best to reciprocate your passion and love.Today I would like to inform you about the updates on the March, which I wasn't introduced in the previous Q1 roadmap announcement.Tower of Origin (Lizelotte), and Pick-Up (Re-Run)Tower of Origin for Lizelotte will be available on 7th March.To celebrate the a
2024 January Wallpaper
Your story with the everlasting Souls!This is Operator One - Mephistopheles, reporting in.Today is the first day of 2024.We honestly appreciate to Saviors' support and love for Eversoul during the past year,and please stay tuned for various events and 1st year's special livestream.On January wallpaper, a deadly-but-cute Otoha is starring.Please download the January wallpaper a lot, and please give a lot of love to Otoha.*Please download with the web page if the download is not processed in-game.
2023.11.16 DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Prenoticing Rebalanced Souls
Greetings, Saviors.This is Kim Cheol Hui, the chief director of Eversoul.Today we would like to inform you about the rebalancing of Souls aimed on Nov 23, which we informed you previously.Souls who are on rebalancing are Dora, Mica, Seeha, Naiah, Prim, Melfice, Bryce, and Ayame, and please check the below can be deleted or changed without notice when it is applied on live server.DoraDora is used in PvP with her sturdiness and becoming immune to crowd control effects when her Artifact is high lev
SUMMON RATE TABLE (24. 02. 22)
■ NORMAL SUMMONTierProbability of SummoningCount of Souls in the TierCommon50%4Rare46%8Epic (Humanlike, Beast, Fairy, Undead)4%46Epic (Angel, Demon)6• Please note Angel and Demon types have one-fifth probability of other individual Epic Souls (Humanlike, Beast, Fairy, Undead).NameTierTypeProbability (Individual)IreneCommonHumanlike12.5000%CanneyCommonBeast12.5000%PixieCommonFairy12.5000%CasperCommonUndead12.5000%RitaRareHumanlike5.7500%RoseRareHumanlike5.7500%SharinneRareBeast5.7500%RuriRareBeas