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2024.06.14 Known Issue (Modified at 14:15)

Your story with the everlasting Souls!

This is Operator One - Mephistopheles, reporting in.

We would like to inform you about the known-issue in-game.

We will do our best to fix the known issue described below as soon as possible,

and we will notify Saviors further with this notice when additional issue is found.

◈ In-game Known Issue

ㅇ An issue in Pick-Up Summon where Petra and Ayame's Pick-Up is available

- Pick-Up Summon event period for Petra and Ayame will be maintained.

- Petra Pick-Up Summon Period: 6/14 (Fri) ~ 6/24 (Mon) 08:59 UTC+9

- Ayame Pick-Up Summon Period: 6/14 (Fri) ~ 6/27 (Thu) 08:59 UTC+9

ㅇ Pick-Up related Gate (Undead Gate) is available

ㅇ Finishing schedule of Operation Eden Alliance: Solrey is not set appropriately

◈ Fixed Issue

ㅇ An issue in the Antique Shop where price and limit are displayed inappropriately

- Wedding Gazebo: Everstone x3,000 → Everstone x1,500

- Lovely Wedding Cake: Holding Limit 1, Everstone x1,500 → No Holding Limit, Everstone x75

※ We have distributed the remains for the Saviors who already purchased them before the patch. (6/14 15:07 UTC+9)

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience with the issue.

We will always do our best to provide Saviors pleasant environment.

Thank you.

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