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Information About the Objects Being Returning to the Inventory (Modified)

Your story with the everlasting Souls!

This is Operator One - Mephistopheles, reporting in.

We would like to inform you about the phenomenon that the objects automatically being returned to the inventory.

An issue of objects which can be deployed out of the acceptable location or overlapped has been fixed on the update of June 13 (Thu),

and it has been improved to return them automatically to the inventory if they are inappropriately located.

During the automatic returning process, we have found that 'Vivienne's Cocktail Bar' of some Saviors was returned.

Please check below for further details of the actions about the phenomenon.

[Taken Actions]

① Automatic returning feature has been disabled by the temporal maintenance of June 13 (Thu).

② The missing of Part-Time Job rewards occurred by the auto-returning from 6/13 (Thu) maintenance to temporal maintenance will be sent via mailbox.

ㄴ The missing rewards are distributed via mailbox at June 13 (Thu) 17:05 UTC+9.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience from the the phenomenon.

We will continue to give our best to provide better and more stable game services.

Thank you.

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