Game Play | BIRDIE SHOT : Enjoy & Earn
BIRDIE SHOT : Enjoy & Earn FAQ Game UI
Game Play

No.1 You can check the player in turn and time left

No.2 You can send emojis and adjust setting options 

No.3 Caddy Character: Con helps you make accurate shot

No.4 Shot Character: Characters change depending on remaining distance, and you can check driving distance.

No.5 Shot Direction : It shows you where the ball is expected to drop. You can adjust the location by dragging the indicator.

No.6 Wind Indicator: It shows you direction and speed of wind. 

No.7 Switch Team : You can switch character cards or team here. For more detail, please check Switch Team FAQ.

No.8 Spin Indicator : You can adjust ball spin here. For more detail, please check Spin Indicator FAQ

No.9 Shoot: You will manually adjust the shot here. For more detail, please see Shot FAQ

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