2024.05.24 DEVELOPER'S NOTE | eversoul

Greetings, Saviors.

This is Kim Cheol Hui, the chief director of Eversoul.

I truly appreciate Saviors for the interest in the release of Catherine (Radiance).

We have firstly redeemed her costume, for we have found that there were some feedbacks about her Origin costume.

Also, we consider that her costume is an important issue, we will take time to improve her costume secondly.

We will make Catherine (Radiance) more adorable. Please kindly wait with patience.

Today, I would like to inform you about the untold content or Q2 updates,

and some schedule-changes of some intended updates.

About Japanese Voiceline Update

We are preparing Eversoul's Japanese release on May 29.

To release on Japan, Japanese voice actors recorded the voicelines, and they will also implemented on the KR/Global version.

The contract for using those voicelines in the KR/Global version is already completed,

and we are preparing the Japanese voicelines aimed at July 4 on those builds.

Thus, you can savor those voicelines soon. Please kindly wait with some patience.

However, since the KR/Global version is the latter build than the Japanese version, there can be some empty voicelines.

Therefore, some unprepared voicelines (for the JP version) can be played as the Korean version even if the voice option is selected as JP.

Especially, during the combat scene, there will be some mixed voicelines of the KR and JP versions. Please understand in advance.

【エバーソウル】ゲームガイド -世界観- (youtube.com)

About Postponed Release of the Lighthouse-Keeper

We sincerely apologize for this. Previously the world raid - Lighthouse-Keeper was aimed to be released on May 30, however, it has been delayed to June 20 for it needs some polishing.

We apologize again for the postponed release of the Lighthouse-Keeper, which many Saviors were looking forward to.

However, there will be some silhouettes of the Lighthouse-Keeper in the First Half of Main Story Ch. 8 - Emerging, which will be released on May 30. We will polish the boss as soon as possible and make Saviors satisfied with the boss.

About Changing Schedules of the Main Events

Schedules of the main events are changed as below.

ㅇ June 13 ~ June 27 「Summer Event Part 1 - Wicked Vacation!! (Re-run)」

- The schedule of 「Summer Event Part 1 - Wicked Vacation!! (Re-run)」, which was previously intended to be held in Q3 has been changed to be held in June.

     -  Soonie's swimsuit costume, which was distributed in the attendance reward of 「Summer Event Part 2 - Endless Summer」 will be distributed on this upcoming 「Summer Event Part 1 - Wicked Vacation!! (Re-run)」 instead.

ㅇ July 4 ~ July 25 「Wedding Event Part 2 - Marriage Warfare」

     - As the 「Summer Event Part 1 - Wicked Vacation!! (Re-run)」 will be held firstly, the schedule of 「Wedding Event Part 2 - Marriage Warfare」 has been changed to July 4.

Adding Illustrations of Love Story Costumes

Illustrations for Talia, Adrianne, Violette, Jiho, Velanna, and Ayame's love story costumes will be implemented. (May 30)

New Mini Game 「DJ SOUL」

 「DJ SOUL」 event will be available for 1 week, from June 6 to June 13.

「DJ SOUL」  is a rhythm game, which can be played with Eversoul's beautiful pieces of music.

About Changing Schedules of Story Release

ㅇ Main Story

- The first half of the Main Story Ch. 8 「Emerging」 will be released on May 30.

- The second half of the Main Story Ch. 8, which was previously aimed to be released in late May, has been postponed to July 4.

ㅇ Love Story

- The release of Cherrie's love story has been postponed from late May to June 20.

- The release of Vivienne's love story has been postponed from June to mid-July.

Improvements for Town

ㅇ Weather information and weather-related event information will be displayed on the Town pop-up screen. (May 30)

ㅇ Revising Town quests (Aimed to June 20)

- To improve the logs and monsters cleaning in the complex Town, we are preparing the improvements like below.

- Now Saviors can move to the outskirts of the Castle from the Commercial District. (Teleport will also be available.)

- Now the logs and monsters will not appear in the Town, and the quest for cleaning them will be available once per day in the outskirts of the Castle instead.

This is the end of the information prepared today.

We sincerely apologize again for the postponed schedule of the updates.

We will always do our best to make Eversoul a better game.

Thank you.

Kim Cheol Hui