2024.02.27 DEVELOPER'S NOTE | eversoul

Greetings, Saviors.

This is Kim Choel Hui, the chief director of Eversoul.

A lot of Saviors joined the last festival in Korea. I truly appreciate your passions.

It was a meaningful time. We will do our best to reciprocate your passion and love.

Today I would like to inform you about the updates on the March, which I wasn't introduced in the previous Q1 roadmap announcement.

Tower of Origin (Lizelotte), and Pick-Up (Re-Run)

Tower of Origin for Lizelotte will be available on 7th March.

To celebrate the addition of Lizelotte's Tower of Origin, there will be a Pick-Up Summon Event for Lizelotte from Mar 7 to Mar 14, for 1 week.

You can increase the maximum level of Lizelotte's artifact 「Gungnir」 by 5 for clearing the Tower of Origin (Lizelotte),

and also you can claim the Lizelotte Statue, which can be placed in your town.

Challenge the Tower of Origin of Lizelotte, check her stories, and claim various rewards.

Also, there will be a special boost pack, in which you can obtain guaranteed Lizelotte.

Rebecca's Love Story

Rebecca's love story will be added soon.

Please stay tuned to lovely Rebecca's new love story and a new costume.

The update will be scheduled on Mar 28.

Nicole's Love Story and Visual Revision

Nicole's love story will be added.

Furthermore, the visual design of Nicole will be changed.

The previous version of Nicole will be provided as a free costume.

The update will be also scheduled on Mar 28.

Operator Change System

When Mephistopheles is absent, Beleth will do the Operator's job to support Savior.

When you change the Operator, the chosen Operator will be displayed in the Ark and Summoning Effect screen.

The Operator Change will be available after clearing Main Story Ch.7 Ep 18.

The update will be also scheduled on Mar 28.

New Evil Soul 「Blood-Soaked Demon Blade」

The new Evil Soul, which was introduced briefly in the previous roadmap announcement, 「Blood-Soaked Demon Blade」 will come to you on Apr 4th. (The Korean pronunciation for number 4 is the same as 'Death'.)

Which Soul will be the Evil Soul is yet in veil though.

" Hell-o, hell-o! Good morning ♬ "

This is the end of the introduction for the upcoming updates for March.

The updates above are subject to change due to the development situations.

I will introduce the updates after the March on 2Q roadmap announcement soon.

See you on the roadmap announcement!

Thank you.

Kim Cheol Hui