2023.11.15 DEVELOPER'S NOTE : Announcing Upcoming Updates on Nov / Dec | eversoul
2023.11.15 DEVELOPER'S NOTE : Announcing Upcoming Updates on Nov / Dec

Greetings, Savior.

This is Kim Cheol Hui, the chief director of Eversoul.

Did you meet the newly-released humanlike Soul, Eileen the Secretary of the Night?

Now there is only two Souls left which will be announced in Q4 - Edith and Otoha.

Today I would like to introduce the key features of upcoming updates

which were not introduced in the Q4 Update Roadmap.

Delayed Update of Monsterville

Before the announcement of the upcoming update, we would like to inform you that the Monsterville, which was scheduled to be released on Nov 7 was delayed.

During the development process, we have encountered more difficulties than we were expected, so it needs more time to be polished.

We will do our best to release the Monsterville on the first half of next year.

We are preparing new events which are using Guild Raid Bosses,

to fill the gap in the event timelines.

Guaranteed Summon for Starting - Epic Soul

There was a separated display for free / paid Everstone on Nov 9.

Originally it was prepared to service Japan,

but we wish to give the same benefits to Korea / Global players, so we have applied it Korea / Global server first.

The [Guaranteed Summon for Starting - Epic Soul] is prepared with the same reason,

it is a feature where you can obtain 1 guaranteed epic Soul by using 10 Summons with 2,1000 paid Everstones.

It can be used only once after the account creation and does not apply the epic guaranteed count on normal summon.

We are preparing to update the feature on Nov 23.

Rebalancing Souls

In addition to the previous balancing of Oct 26, more balancing work for Souls will be processed.

We are preparing the update to be applied on Nov 23, and the Souls who will be rebalanced are Dora, Mica, Seeha, Naiah, Prim, Melfice, Bryce, and Ayame.

Since the details for the rebalancing are too vast to introduce on this page, we would like to inform you the details separately.

Releasing Origin+1 Keepsake

An update of Battlefront 25th Area [Apheaon Sea Cave] is scheduled on Nov 23.

You can obtain Origin+1 Keepsake Mold in Battlefront 25th Area,

and you can ascend your Origin Keepsake to Origin+ with this mold.

To ascend Origin Keepsake to Origin+1, you have to raise the level of keepsake to a certain level.

HP 2% effect will be added to keepsake when reaching more than Origin+1.

The effects are not random, and additional effects are fixed.

Additional effects can be changed when the update is processed.

Changing Contents Unlocking Time

There's a problem with the unlocking timing of new content and systems are concentrated in Battlefront 2nd Area,

for new content and systems are steadily added after the launch.

It is not a big problem for existing players,

but there were some point-outs that new players found it hard to adapt to the game since too much content are unlocked once the 2nd Area is opened.

To solve this issue, we would like to change the unlocking times for content to adapt to the game easily for new players.

We aimed to unlock content that needs multiple formations more slowly,

to make players prepared with more Souls when the contents are unlocked.

Please kindly understand that the contents unlocked previously can be locked again for new players

who are dived into the game recently.

We scheduled the update to be applied on Nov 23, but it can be delayed for many variables.

Stickers for Profile

We have introduced once on Q4 Roadmap about the sticker system.

It is a system that you can obtain various stickers for decorating your profile,

when you already obtained costumes or frames in ESS / Forest of Monsters, to give motivation for ranking.

The profile system will be also revamped with the application of the system.

[Profile Revised]

ㅇ [Savior Information] tab will be added on the profile.

ㅇ There will be various information on [Savior Information] tab, and you can choose the information to hide or not.

(Previous records such as ESS, Guild Raid are not applied retroactively.)

ㅇ You can hide one of those tabs - [Profile] tab (Previously existing one), and [Savior Information] tab.

Other players can't see the hidden tab.

(You have to unhide one of the two tabs, but you can make the profile empty.)

ㅇ [Profile] tab is displayed first if both [Profile] and [Savior Information] tabs are opened.

ㅇ The basic profiles (A profile shows player name, guild, and fave Souls) on [Profile] tab will be deleted.

You can check those information on [Savior Information] tab.

ㅇ [Profile] is hidden by default.


ㅇ You can obtain various stickers on various contents.

ㅇ You can deploy the obtained stickers on your profile. (You can deploy only the amount of stickers you have.)

ㅇ You can get sticker points according to the stickers you obtained, and you can check the sticker points on Savior Information.

We are preparing the update to be applied on Nov 23.

Revamping Love Story

There were many opinions and discussions for revamping the love story,

and we are preparing to revamp the love stories with referring those opinions.

The basic goals are 1) expanding the maximum bond level, 2) giving direct benefits to the bond level, 3) adding more usage to town coins.

[Expanding Bond Level]

ㅇ Bond points will be deleted, and maximum bond level is increased from 9 to 50.

ㅇ There will be various benefits such as Soul's stat increasing, shortened time for part-time job, shortened time for resting, and profile stickers according to the bond level.

※ The existing benefits such as special touch 2, shortened time for part-time job and resting, rewards of outing are integrated into the bond level.

[Adding Town Shop Items]

ㅇ You can purchase various gifts with town coins.

(You may need many many gifts for raising bond level.)

[Revamping Repetitive Lost and Found Quest]

ㅇ The previous lost and found quests will be also appeared as repetitive quest.

(There will be total of 4 quests, which will be appeared as repetitive quest)

ㅇ The quest which uses a wagon will always display the appropriate site if the night / day condition is met.

We are preparing the update to be applied on Dec 14.

Overclocking System

You can confront the excess of Mana Crystal,

when reaching a certain level of Souls which increases the usage of Mana Dust.

We are preparing a new system which consumes Mana Crystal

to grow Souls, to make a new usage of excessive Mana Crystal.

[Unlocking the Overclocking]

ㅇ When reaching a certain level of Sync Level (Avg. Lv.) of Level Sync, and Main Core Level of Ark Enhance, the Overclocking will be available.

[Expanding the Maximum Level for Overclocking]

ㅇ [Maximum Level] of Overclocking Level will be increased when enhancing the Main Core of Ark Enhance feature.

ex) Max Level 0 (Can't be increased) → Max Level 10 (Can be increased 10 Lv)

[Overclocking Level]

ㅇ You can increase the Overclocking Level with Mana Crystal when the maximum level of Overclocking is increased.

ex) Level 0/10 → Level 10/10

ㅇ Synced Level of Level Sync feature is increased when the level of Overclocking is increased.

ex) Synced Level (Avg. Lv.) 310 + Overclock Level 10 = Level 320

In short, it is a feature in which you can increase the synced level (Avg. Lv.) with increasing the Main Core Level.

We are preparing the update to be applied on Dec 14.

This is the end of the introduction of today.

We are preparing more than above, such as more fixes and Christmas Event, which will be announced Nov 14,

so please give a lot of attention.

Thank you.

Kim Cheol Hui