I can't login to/play the game
The reason you are unable to connect/run the game may be because of issues caused by your network, lack of memory of your device, issues caused by other apps, and others.If you have problems with the World Flipper app, we recommend you follow the below steps to restart the application.HOW TO RESOLVE ISSUES WITH LOGIN/PLAYING THE GAME 1. Delete unnecessary apps and data 2. Update your device’s OS to its latest version 3. Check your WiFi and/or network connectivity 4. Reboot deviceIf the above met
My account was reset!
If your game account data was reset it could be because you either changed your device or logged into an account other than the connected account you were previously using.Please check if the account you’re currently logged into is the connected account you were using.If not, please log out of the current account and log into your existing account.HOW TO LOG OUT 1. Menu at the bottom of the screen → Account Info 2. Press Logout from your connected account
I want to connect my guest account to a social media account
If you were playing on a guest account, but wish to transition to a social media account, you need to connect your account.Go to the menu at the bottom of your screen, then go to Account Info to access your account settings.You can connect your guest account to your Facebook, Google, or Apple account via the connect account button at the bottom of the menu.⚠️ Please note that accounts already connected accounts cannot be linked to more than one login method!⚠️ Please note that an account that ha
An error has occurred while processing the purchase
If you see the message "An error has occurred while processing the purchase. Please update to the store's latest version, and then restart your device" when trying to make a purchase, your Google Play Store App requires an update. Please follow the steps in this Google Support article to update your Google Play Store.After the successful update, the error should no longer appear.We do apologize for any inconvenience caused.
What’s the difference between a connected account and a guest account?
All game accounts usable in World Flipper are either connected accounts or guest accounts.Connected accounts are those with game data connected to the player’s Facebook, Google, or Apple account, which makes it easier and safer to log in to different devices by using the social media account you’ve connected the game account to.Guest accounts are tied to your device, which can only be used on the device the account was created on.In this case, the account information is saved on the device, so y