2023.06.23 DEVELOPER'S NOTE | eversoulasia
eversoulasia DEVELOPER'S NOTE

Hello, Saviors.            

This is Director of Eversoul, Kim Cheol Hui.            


(There are comments that the word font called used in previous PD note is too old-fashioned, so it will be changed to from now on.)            


In this Dev’s Note, we would like to introduce you to the .            


We are looking forward to welcoming many new Saviors to Eden for the Half Anniversary Event.            

We are aware that many of the new players have many worries about the first Soul Summon, and due to the fact that you might miss a chance for the Pick-ups from previous events too.            

It is something we have thought about a lot, so we decided to introduce the Pick-Up Choice Summon Event.            


We will also make sure that existing users have the same opportunity to enjoy the event.            


Pick-Up Choice Summon Eventㅇ You can select the Pick Up you want for 7 days when login game after update on June 29th.            

- If you don't select your Pick Up within 7 days, you will not be able to do it anymore.            


ㅇ Current Saviors will be maintained for 7 days from the point when you access to the game after update.            


ㅇ New Saviors will be maintained for 7 days after making an account and login to game.            


ㅇ If you select a Soul you want to hold the Pick-Up event for, the Pick-Up event will last for the selected Soul for 14 days.            


ㅇ You can select the following Souls for the Pick-Up Choice Summon Event: Mephistopheles, Jiho, Velanna, Honglan, Erika, Aki. (6 Souls)            

- Excluding recently released Souls, this list includes Souls that have had new Pick-Ups since launch.            

- New Souls may be added to the available pick list in the future depending on the update plan, but Angel/Demon Souls will not be included in the future.            


ㅇ The new mileage policy will be applied with 60 Soul’s Memory of a Pick-Up Soul at the moment given for every 100 summons after 300 summons.            


ㅇ Selecting a Pick-Up through a Pick-Up Choice Summon does not open the Pick-Up packages of the associated Souls.            

Instead, 4 similar packages will be available for sale in 3 weeks after login.            


Upcoming Pick-Up            

ㅇ On August 3, the second part of the summer event will take place with the Pick-Up plan of main Souls in the event. These Souls are Adrianne/Honglan/Catherine.            


"ㅇ We are planning to hold a Pick-Up Event for Main Souls during the seasonal event in the future.

More details will be announced later in the Q3 Roadmap on 8 July For-Eversoul Thanksgiving."            


(The Pick-Up Choice Summon event includes Honglan, so we will give you a heads up to plan your Pick-Up strategy around the event.)                       

Wish all of our new Saviors a safe journey to Eden.            

If you have already been in Eden and have missed some Pick-Up events, this would be a great chance to catch up.            


Thank you.            

Eversoul Director Kim Cheol Hui.